Romans 11:25

King James Version

25 For I would not, 


that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, 

lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; 

that blindness in part is happened to Israel, 

until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.

What is the BEST-KEPT secret in Judaism?

Why don't Jews believe in the MESSIAH?

Here are short TESTIMONIES from remarkable Jewish people, in their path to accepting the LORD JESUS, despite peer and family pressure.

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He's not a BETRAYAL of our Jewish heritage, he's the FULFILLMENT!

Jewish Israeli Psychologist finds Jesus

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International drug-runner gets trapped by God's love

A Jewish lawyer and a leader in her synagogue who turned to Jesus in a supernatural way

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Andrew Klavan (I MET MESSIAH)

From synagogue to Harvard, Lance Rodgers hunted for TRUTH!

New York Times best seller, Joel Rosenberg, meets the author of life

Jewish Teacher becomes a Student of Yeshua

Mark Levy's Testimony - A Jewish man provoked to jealousy and finds Jesus

From Homosexual Lifestyle to Believer in Yeshua - Tzachi (Free in Messiah)

A Jewish boy challenged by a Christian Girl

Reading his Tenakh, he came to a startling conclusion

Jonathan Bernis: I realized the Gospel is Jewish

Jewish bodybuilder goes from New Age to new life in Yeshua

Multi millionaire was spiritually bankrupt until he met Yeshua

I studied the art of the ninja, only to find emptiness

I started drinking at 13, and it went downhill from there

Jewish Dr. Dauermann found Jesus to be the door to real Jewish life

Jewish Brooke was "taken" into heaven to meet God

Jewish scientist (James Tour) makes the greatest Jewish discovery

I was the president of the synagogue! How could I believe in Jesus?

Growing up Jewish, evil demonic forces took over me, but Jesus miraculously healed me

John Desser discovers Yeshua in Washington D.C.

Jesus freed me from a demon

My husband left me, Jesus found me

From Judaism to Zoroastrianism, NOTHING gave life meaning. Then I met Messiah

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Acting in New York was killing me, when everything just changed

I woke up with a CAR on top me, my face PINNED to the ground

Jewish man sees vision of Jesus in the sky

I found the answers the rabbis couldn't give

Sid Roth: "There Was A Demon Inside Of Me!"

"Why did they persecute us? Because we're Jews and they're Christians." | Thom Berkowitz

"I knew God was real even while being raised in atheism." Dr. Richard Nichol | IMETMESSIAH.COM


Len (father of author Joel C. Rosenberg) found messiah

"You couldn't tell, but inside I was bleeding to death"

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